Music and Me

It’s a great afternoon to start something, to write something. I just finished reading wattpad story and its successful because usually I begin to read story but not finish it. Nowadays, I get bored easily when I figured out the plot even before I reached the end so I just find another story until I […]

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“I want to start a new thinking.” This is what’s inside my mind these days. I’ve been in constant chaos lately that I can’t think properly, wherever I go, I keep on asking myself, “what should I do next?”, “what if I can’t do this?”, “If only I passed!”, “Why I’m not competent enough? “… […]



Dear someone, Nabuhay ang patay! Hahahahaha! Nakakatawa yon? (╯°□°)╯︵(\ .o.)\ Ang tagal kong hindi nakabisita dito, patawarin niyo ang inyong lingkod. Ehem! Tinamad lang magsulat. Patawad talaga! ( TДT) Sa kabilang banda masyado din akong naging busy nitong nakaraang buwan. Dahil nga sa review, jusko! Stress na stress na ang kuya niyo. Kung halaman lamang […]

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Review 01

Dear someone, Mapagpalang araw sa ating lahat, shit! mukha naman akong magmimisa… Ehem! Kamusta naman ang lahat? Ako? kung tatanungin niyo ayos naman! Buhay pa naman. Wala naman masyadong ganap sa buhay ko. Alam niyo ‘yun normal lang. Medyo kinakabahan lang ng konti dahil simula na ng review pero mas nangingibabaw ang tuwa dahil may […]

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Takip silim

Ang langit ay asul. Ang kapatagan ay berde kasingkulay ng mga dahon sa mga puno. Ang papalubog na araw ay nagtatagis na pula at dilaw. “Isang napakagandang obra.” Inilapit niya ang kanyang mukha sa akin dahilan upang maamoy ko ang pinaghalong natuyong pawis at punongkahoy. Dala ng halos buong araw nitong pagtatabas ng punongkahoy sa […]

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I hated him. He is stupid, he speak funny. He is weird, he tells something out of nothing, some deepshit that no one understand. I think he’s annoying. A guy who thinks he kne everything but in reality he knows little things. I hated him. No! I loathed him to the point that I think […]

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“Lets us be grateful to people who makes us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”- Marcel Proust When I open my eyes on 30st of December there is only one exciting thing that has been roaming inside my head. I smiled, really anticipating to this event. I ran, going outside […]

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CHRISTMAS WISH (late post)

12/20/2018 A pleasant day to everyone out there! C H R I S T M A S, you know what I’m saying! Do you now feel the spirit of the upcoming Christmas? You know with the Christmas carols of happy kids singing songs that don’t exactly sounds the same tune of the original songs but […]

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I’m at our home today, and I missed home…I really, really do. I felt homesick these past few days so without much of a thinking I went home. It turns out my decision was right. I mean, because my original plan was to stay at dorm until the end of the semester, to finish all […]

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